Preview – Selective Hearing pres. DVS1

Selective Hearing are such a safe pair of hands if you want to hear a mix of new, razor sharp techno, and masterful sets from burgeoning or nigh on well-established legends of the scene. Thursday night at Wire was business as usual as it welcomed Cleric, Reflec and DVS1, who created an absolute pleasuredome of the darker stuff for those who had stuck during the Easter break.

Reflec’s perfectly poised set oiled up the dancefloor into a loose, laidback vibe before cranking it up into a more progressive, harder aesthetic, finishing on a delectable acidic flourish. Selective Hearing’s events are worth a visit if only to see this resident fly the flag for the promoter so brilliantly.

If you’ve seen DVS1’s ‘Origins’ on RA (and if you haven’t, then you should), you’ll have been stunned by the utter recklessness of his youthful individualism. Hustling his way through his teens and becoming embroiled in drugs, yet throwing epoch defining parties in the process, he managed to spin financial and penal setbacks on their heads to gloriously emerge, Lazarus-like, as a techno hero. His set on Thursday was far from reckless. He mixes with all the discipline, precision and brute force of a drill sergeant. He approaches the decks as if putting together a weapon, employing deft, slick movements and a rugged posture to assemble the parts before slotting in the ammo and opening fire on the crowd at an unrelenting 130bpm. While this set didn’t inspire the same awe as a lot of his recording tracks, one still felt the hands of a master, moulding the listener into shape, focussing recklessness into order.

Cleric’s industrial murk was ideal for the 4 – 6am closing slot, and Selective Hearing will pick up where he left off at their next night at Wire with Levon Vincent on 1 May 2015.

[Oliver Walkden]

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