Uni ‘squatters’: We’ll fight eviction

Leeds Community Project has pledged to ‘resist eviction’ from 6 Grosvenor Mount, and has called on the public to show solidarity with the occupation.

Protesters claim they are to be removed from the site today following an alleged possession order by the University.

The group yesterday held a ‘rally for further resistance’ ahead of the supposed eviction this afternoon.

A statement from LCP reads, ‘When the bailiffs arrive at 1pm on Monday, we hope to have a solid show of solidarity that will enable us to resist eviction’.

An online petition supporting Leeds Community Project’s occupation of 6 Grosvenor Mount has attracted over 1,000 signatures.

Activists first occupied the site in February in protest of the University’s plans to sell the land for the development of private housing.

The University was granted planning permission to build seven new houses on the disused site in 2013. It was formerly used as a botanical gardens and research facility.

Leeds Community Project claims the land holds alternative possibilities as a space for food growing, wildlife conservation and social events.

A University spokesperson last month said, ‘Whilst sympathetic to community initiatives, this land has been occupied unlawfully and the University is seeking to regain possession.’

‘We support many other community initiatives which offer public green space for staff, students and the local community. For example, Bardon Grange, a beautiful University-owned walled garden surrounded by woodland in far Headingley, offers the opportunity to grow organic food in a communal growing space, and we have an accessible sustainable garden at the heart of our campus.’

Pedro Vasques-Milhinhos

Image courtesy of Anne Wyman

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