Festival Fun on Croatia Sands

Croatia may be rich with with culture and surrounded by sapphire waters, but it is for its festivals that this European gem has become known for, with explosively exciting events taking place each summer. It comes as no surprise, really. What better country than one blessed with sea and sun to host a festival? Croatia’s coast is aligned with the beautiful Adriatic Sea, and offers cheap accommodation for party-goers and tourists from all corners of the globe. Last summer, people from 125 countries visited Croatia for the fun of its festivals.


There are a variety of festivals to choose from, with all genres of music taking to the stage, such as electro, dance, hip hop, garage, dubstep, drum and bass, reggae and much, much more. Not only can you choose the festivals based on music, but there is also a glut of different festival themes. Electro Dance Madness, for example, runs from the 17th to the 21st of June, and allows party goers to dance the day and night away on a platform over the Adriatic Sea. Outlook festival, on the other hand, which runs from the 2nd the 6th of September, gives festival-fun finders the chance to experience a night of hedonism within the walls of the Punta Christo fort. This national heritage was built in the 19th century, and will certainly give you four days to remember, putting big names like Andy C, Busta Rhymes and Dub FX on stage. Let’s not forget the infamous boat parties, arranged by the best organisers in the business. SunceBeat goes from the 22nd to the 29th of July, keeping you on your feet all evening and letting you relax on a sandy cove during the the day.

SunceBeat in Croatia FestivalA large amount of the festivals are going on in July, which is the most active month, but there’s also half a dozen in June, several in August and a few in September too. No matter when you go in the summer, there’ll be festivals blasting away in Croatia. Accommodation is usually pretty cheap, meaning you really have no excuses to avoid a bit of festival fun with your holiday. Some festivals, like Electro Dance Madness, offer two star accommodation in a package deal that includes a ticket, all for 150 euros.  In Pula, where Outlook is being hosted, you can book hotels and hostels as cheap as £70-90 for the four nights you’re there, which are both friendly and conveniently located. Croatia may be smaller and less well known for its parties and events, but it’s popularity is on the rise. Head down this summer, before everyone else catches on…

Sasha Hodes

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