68% of Leeds University staff ‘likely to vote Labour’

An election survey by Times Higher Education (THE) has revealed that almost 3/4 of staff at the University will vote for the Labour party this Thursday.

The survey, which was released online gained 1,019 responses from higher education staff across ten UK universities.

The data showed that 46 per cent of those who responded plan to vote Labour, followed by the Green Party (22 per cent), Conservatives (11 per cent), Liberal Democrats (9 per cent) and the Scottish National Party (6 per cent). Only 4 of the 1,019 respondents plan to back Ukip.

These statistics come after Labour leader Ed Miliband addressed the broken promise to lower tuition fees by Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg. In a speech on May 2nd he said, ‘If I had done what he did five years ago, I don’t think I could ask you for your trust again. I will cut tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000.’

The Conservatives have however attacked Labour for using ‘scare-stories’ as a tactic to win the student vote.

However, in a recent interview on the BBC’s Daily Politics Show, the former Conservative leader William Hague was asked whether the Tory-Lib Dem coalition would rule out a rise in tuition fees, to which he responded they wouldn’t.


Which university’s staff (%) will vote for which parties?*



University of Nottingham (70%)

University of Sheffield (69%)

University of Leeds (68%)



London Business School (31%)

University of Kent (20%)

University College London (19%)


Liberal Democrats:

University of Manchester (19%)

Kent (16%)

Sheffield (14%)



University of Oxford (33%)

Kent (24%)

UCL (23%)


Scottish National Party:

Glasgow University (70%)

University of Edinburgh (48%)


*source/graph: Times Higher Education election survey.


Abla Klaa


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