Caribbean and Creole Cuisine down at Soul Kitchen

Stepping into Soul Kitchen at The Wardrobe is definitely an experience. Located opposite the BBC Yorkshire building, the team have managed to create an amazing atmosphere with their quirky interior. There are fairy lights wrapped around the beams at the windows and the restaurant comes complete with comfy, spacious booths lit up by candlelight. The walls are smothered with magazine pages, providing a vibrant look.

I’d heard good things about their bar before, and I was not disappointed. Their range of cocktails are great, serving up all the classics and much, much more. They also have a selection of craft beers and ales if cocktails aren’t your thing. We opted for the wine (served by the class or carafe) and, were amused when the half carafe arrived in a beer bottle with a stopper – a very interesting touch!

crab cakes

The food is described as having elements of the Deep South, Caribbean and Creole – all of which match the comfortable, laidback atmosphere they’ve created. It’s almost like you’re on holiday when you enter Soul Kitchen. We opted for the Jamaican Crab Cakes to start, which were heavenly. The lime juice perfectly complimented the subtle chilli and they were cooked to perfection. Despite there being three on the plate, we definitely wanted more! We were brought some Gumbo Spiced Soup with chunks of bread, a beautiful tasting dish complete with hearty chunks of tomato and pepper. But, be warned, it’s a bit on the spicy side!

img_4645For the main course, we decided on the Creole Jambalaya with a side of Sweet Potato Wedges, along with the No Bull Burger (the restaurant offer several vegetarian options, so vegetarians may rejoice). Both servings were huge, not that we couldn’t handle it. The Jambalaya was incredible, packed full with chunks of sausage and chicken, with two enormous King prawns balancing somewhat precariously on top. It was truly delightful, and the wedges were just as good. The No Bull Burger came wrapped, which was a nice touch, and was just as large as the Jambalaya. The burger patty was a mix of creole beans, leeks and peppers, all covered in crispy breadcrumbs and stuffed with tantalising flavour.


The food screams home cooking, but in the very best way. We were too full to sample the desserts they had on offer, but they’re currently updating their dessert menu. I will definitely be back to see what they create, and we recommend you head down there too. We were brought a little jar of water as a finger bowl for the table, a sign the food was going very hands on. Perhaps not the place for a first date, but definitely suitable for  a mid-exam season munch-out.

The atmosphere is perfect, the staff were friendly and the food is even better. If you’re looking for a restaurant for a chilled out meal with your mates, then you will not be disappointed by Soul Kitchen. The price is very reasonable for a city centre restaurant, and you definitely get your money’s worth. Our advice? Just make sure you go hungry.

Devon Allen

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