Union launches Rate Your Landlord

The Union is hoping for thousands of responses to a new scheme asking students to review their landlord.

Rate Your Landlord is open for all students in Leeds to give feedback on Halls of Residence and private landlords across the city.

The survey gives a 1-5 scale for students to rank their experience of factors such as customer service, property safety and efficiency at dealing with repairs.

Results will be published in a house hunting advice website in December.

Community Officer George Bradley told The Gryphon that the project is the first of its kind nationally.

He explained, ‘I’m so so thrilled that Rate Your Landlord is finally happening. It was my one big objective I wanted to achieve in my year as Community Officer, and we have LUU Policy on this, so the demand is clearly there from students.’

‘Finally, we’ll be able to see what students really think of their accommodation, and be able to share their views on which landlords, agents and halls are the best in the business.’

More than 500 students have completed the survey so far.

International History and Politics undergraduate Alexander Peel said, ‘I thought the survey itself was simple and straightforward but 140 characters was way too short to summarise an entire year’s experience of a landlord.’

You can take the survey here.

Charlotte Mason

Image courtesy of BBC

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