Beeston bus stop rape suspect arrested in Slovakia  

A man has been arrested in Slovakia in connection with the attempted murder and rape of a woman in Beeston earlier this year.

The 18-year old woman was waiting at a bus stop on Beeston Road in March when she was dragged into a nearby garden, repeatedly hit on the head with a rock and raped.

The 21-year old Slovakian national was arrested today by local police in the Kosice area, after West Yorkshire police secured a European Arrest Warrant.

Detective Superintendent Nick Wallen said: “The man is currently in custody in Slovakia and we will now be pursuing the legal process with the aim of getting him extradited back to the United Kingdom to be charged to appear at court.”

The development follows a three-month public appeal by police to gain more information about the incident. As well as creating a Crimewatch reconstruction, police have previously released an e-fit of the suspect and offered £5000 for information that led to an arrest.

Elli Pugh

Image courtesy of West Yorkshire police.

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