The Producers set to take centre stage at Leeds Grand

Almost fifty years since Mel Brooks’ original film was released, The Producers is taking to the stage again, and will be making a stop in Leeds at the Grand Theatre from 8th June until the 13th.

Telling the story of two devious Broadway producers who scheme to produce the worst musical ever and make a fortune from the insurance money when it tanks, The Producers was adapted for the stage in 2001 by Brooks from his original film, and this stage adaptation was in turn adapted for a 2005 film starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane.

This time, the musical has been brought to theatres by the producer of sell-out successes Midnight Tango and Dance ’Til Dawn and acclaimed Top Hat director Matthew White. With an all-star cast led by comedians Jason Manford and Ross Noble, the musical has been touring since the beginning of March and has received a slew of four and five star reviews from the national and regional press, including The Times and The Daily Mail, with What’s On Stage writing “If you’re looking for an easy, fun night out at the theatre, the new touring production of The Producers is very much for you.”

Featuring classic songs including “Springtime for Hitler” and “Keep it Gay”, this new adaptation is certain to delight audiences with its tongue-in-cheek satire of the theatre world, and for fans of Mel Brooks’ original or anyone merely interested in seeing what acting chops Manford and Noble have, it’s sure to provide a great night out.

Tickets are available from priced from £18.50-£40

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