Jethro Tull, The Rock Opera Preview

Jethro Tull, the seventeenth-century British agriculturalist often credited with the invention of the horse-drawn seed drill, was such an inspiration to a 1970s British progressive rock band that they named themselves after him.

Ian Anderson, lead vocalist of the band Jethro Tull has created Jethro Tull The Rock Opera, to tell the story of their namesake through the rock music inspired by him.

The show will use the band’s songs, such as Heavy Horses, Farm On The Freeway and Songs From The Wood, but with adapted lyrics to tell the story. Anderson promises surprise visual guests and newly-written songs to complete the tale.

Sure to be intriguing, this revolutionary musical and dramatic combination might be just weird and wacky enough to succeed.

Come on over this Saturday 12th September to York´s Barbican Theatre where the rock opera will be performed before heading off on its Russian, European and South American tour.

Caitlin Mayall

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