Preview: Leeds Light Night – 09/10/15

Welcome to Leeds. Over the next few weeks you’ll start to find your feet in this artful city. You’ll soon decide where to drink, where to see shows and where to absorb culture. Of course there’s no denying that Leeds is a large city with an even larger range of art events to attend on a daily basis, so where do you start? Luckily, Light Night has something for all tastes.

Established in 2005, Light Night is a multi-arts festival which takes place across more than thirty venues within Leeds. With the majority of events taking place during the early October evening, attendees have the chance to view a large array of artistic events. This year is no different; as the festival turns 11, it continues to grow its range of events. From performance to installation, music and literature, Light Night offers any fresher the chance to explore and submerge themselves within the Leeds arts scene.

The city divides into a range of zones for this event and whilst you still may not quite have your bearings, there are a number of land marks which are easy to find and are recommended to start with. Start your evening at the Town Hall zone where a number of installations will take place such as Your Colour Perception, a site specific work which allows the participant to experience what it may feel like to walk through a rainbow. After which, relax with a clock tower climb tour also at the Town Hall. Both events run throughout the evening allowing you to personalise your Light Night experience. Be aware that you may need to book your place in advance on the clock tower tours.

Once you are familiar and have warmed up with the events in the Town Hall zone, visit the millennium zone, located just behind the Town Hall. Millennium Square is host to many special events throughout the year with past events such as The Lady Boys of Bangkok and Paolo Nutini, it will be the perfect location for many more art exhibitions for you to enjoy. Located next to the square is Leeds City Museum where one event to look out for called Greek Fire allows the participant to take part in three Greek and Roman myths.

There are ten performance zones involved in Light Night, and Millennium Square will direct you to the centre of all zones. From here, take a complimentary map and enjoy what Light Night has to offer. It is an interesting and unique event which will help you to discover the artistic stops within this cultural hub of a city. As one of seven light events in the country, Leeds Light Night showcases the talents of professionals, students, graduates and emerging artists. University students including Theatre and Performance third years will also be involved in events such as it’s electrifying at the Brotherton library. For more information on planning your night, visit

Mark McDougall

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Flickr: Carl Milner

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