Get Baked: “We are an inappropriate company”

Local restaurant ‘Get Baked: The Joint’ is facing criticism on social media over what have been labeled ‘misogynistic’ and ‘inappropriate’ advertising slogans.

Complaints made by members of LUU’s Feminist Society have centred around the use of the phrase ‘BOATS AND HOES’, which was recently used as part of its advertising billboard outside its Woodhouse Lane restaurant.

One student took to FemSoc’s Facebook page to state that her partner tried to challenge the owner about their ‘use of misogynistic language’, but to no avail.

Another student commented in the same post that the restaurant had used the following message directed at men during a different event. “Please note: We will still let you in if you’re wearing jogging bottoms […] Wear what you want, but if you wanna get laid wear a f****** suit”.

She commented ‘Really don’t like the tone tbh, telling guys to wear suits so that they will, obviously, automatically get sex. Sigh.’

This is not the first time the restaurant has faced criticism regarding its use of language in its advertising.Back in June, whilst construction was nearing completion on the nearby Leeds University’s Laidlaw Library, the phrase “#FREE PORN” was used on their advertising board.

It was described as ‘crass’ by German professor Dr Helen Finch, who went on to tell The Gryphon: “The University has a considered, respectful set of policies on equality, diversity and partnership, but this sign sneers at those values and policies.

“Some may be amused at this laddish humour, but many may be disgusted, intimidated or angry – and feel that the University of Leeds is a loutish neighbour, or not a place where their values are respected.”

Speaking exclusively to The Gryphon, ‘Get Baked: The Joint’ manager responded: “We are an inappropriate company. We’re called Get Baked; that’s inappropriate”

We have female management and female members of staff, so we’re definitely not misogynistic

However, we have had complaints from university staff so we’ve toned down the signs outside.”


Jessica Murray & Shamima Noor

Photo: Ruby Lott-Lavigna

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