The Great British Bake Off

Each year, as summer draws to a close, our nation’s screens are graced with the welcome return of the Great British Bake Off. Unless you have an aversion to baking, soggy bottoms, or Paul Hollywood’s dazzling blue eyes, there is no reason to not watch this year’s series. However in the rare case that you have been avoiding what has been dubbed, the greatest baking show ever, but fancy catching the penultimate two episodes, here is a rundown of this year’s semi-finalists.

Ian – Ian has shown himself to be one of the most talented bakers in the tent this year, impressing both Mary and Paul (the show’s judges) with his daring and close to perfections bakes, such as his creme brûlée. Having won star baker three times already, Ian is well on his way to the final. But a shaky performance in last week’s quarter final has many of Ian’s fans and sceptics alike questioning if he will be able to go all the way and be crowned winner of this year’s bake off.

Tamal – Even if Tamal does not win the bake off this year, he has already won the hearts of girls and guys all over Britain. Tamal is the eye-candy and personality of this year’s bake off, delivering funny one-liners every episode as he approaches every task with a cheerful disposition, (even if he has no idea what he is doing). But do not let Tamal’s pretty face and sweet demeanour fool you – he is another seriously talented baker, having earned one of the show’s most sought after accolades; a handshake from Paul Hollywood for his Charlotte Russe bake, which ultimately led to him being crowned star baker.

Nadiya – Nadiya, a Leeds local, is another firm favourite for the bake off crown this year. Each week she brings unique flavour combinations to the table such as her fizzy pop cheesecakes which impressed Paul and Mary enough to give her star baker. Nadiya also acts as a sort of narrator of tension levels during the show, thanks to her overly expressive eyebrows and facial expressions which become more animated as she gets more stressed. For this alone, Nadiya has won a large fanbase, one that is hoping her stress does not get the better of her at the last hurdle.

Flora – Youngest contestant Flora is another imaginative baker, going above and beyond in order to create beautifully designed, jaw-dropping bakes. However, this has been a problem latterly, such as when just last week she neglected her pastry horns in order to spend more time on creating the decorations that would adorn them. Having not been crowned star baker yet, many are doubting if Flora will make it to the final. But she has been a consistent baker almost always coming in the top three in technical challenges, and creating masterpieces such as her Black Forest Gateaux.

So now you have read this short guide of this year’s semi-finalists make sure to watch the Great British Bake Off on Wednesday at 8pm on BBC1.

Madeleine Hodson


Featured image from The Evening Standard.

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