Cameras Found on Local ATMs

Criminal recording and trapping devices have been found on one ATM cash machine in Hyde Park and on three in Headingley.

It has emerged that criminals are placing cameras and other devices around cash machines in areas including the Otley Road and North Lane, with the intention of recording pin numbers and then trapping cards in order to use them for fraud. Speaking to The Gryphon, PC Matt Guy stressed that “local police and PCSO’s are conducting patrols of the area looking for these devices.”

However, he urged members of the public to “be vigilant and to do their own checks”, as often the card slot of machines with the devices on can appear misshapen or unusual.

In addition to this, PC Guy has highlighted the importance of cash machine safety and advises students to “cover the keypad when entering your pin, stand close to the machine when using it and to always check bank statements thoroughly.”  If you do find that you have been a victim of fraud, remember to contact your bank immediately and follow their advice.

Becky Ward


(Image: Independent)

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