Fashion 101: Anna Dello Russo

She’s a fashion expert, an Instagram star, she’s guaranteed to be on every style blog on the Intenet and you can spot her on the front row of all the major fashion shows. You’ll never see her in the same outfit twice, wonder how she pulls off every original getup, and wish you had her confidence to truly love and showcase fashion. We delve into the world of fashion maverick Anna Della Russo.

Born in Bari, Dello Russo gained an MA in fashion after studying Italian literature and Art History. She began her journalistic career working for Italian magazine Donna, then with the help of the controversial Franca Sozzani, Dello Russo was able to progress by joining and spending 18 years at the empire that is Conde Nast as a fashion editor and stylist of the notoriously eccentric and fashion forward Vogue Italia. The year 2000 saw her being appointed the creative director of L’Uomo Vogue before leaving in 2006 after missing the travelling and photo shoots. Now, she is the editor at large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan choosing this route as she claims, “the Japanese are crazy like me when it comes to fashion.”

“She has taught me everything I know, especially to not be fearful of anything and just jump.” Anna Dello Russo on Franca Sozzani (Forbes)


L-R: Jeremy Scott dress, Dior Jumpsuit and boots, Gucci outfit and bag, Moschino dress

Away from her work at Vogue, she’s most popular for her street style. Blogs like The Satorialist regularly feature her. In fact we’re convinced they rely on Dello Russo for their daily content. This led her to begin her own fashion and lifestyle blog where you can find the flamboyant fashionista’s rules on holiday style, your closet, wearing accessories as well as front row and fashion week tips and a personal shopping device.  She continually praises and counts the technological advancements as key for her street-style success and popularity declaring in an interview with Forbes, “in my entire life I have never seen a medium as powerful as the internet.” Her style is not one for the faint hearted. She’s willing to wear the most daring and eccentric ensembles to reflect her larger than life personality. “I love the energy of colours… to achieve the type of maximalistic styling that I’m known for.” From latex to marabou, neon suits and wearing trousers under skirts to Moschino’s McDonalds designs, she’s ready to strut in anything. Even her ‘minimalist’ outfits are completed with a twist, usually a bold accessory from a giant headpiece to a pair of striking glittery sunglasses. Famously, prolific photographer Helmut Newton said of her “she’s a fashion maniac”.


It is my vision for life. Reality for me is too tough. Fashion is an escape. Fashion! Is my addiction! – Anna Dello Russo (The Guardian)

She’s so exclusive her outfits come literally off the runway and directly into her wardrobe if not straight on her. People are so stunned by Dello Russo’s lavish lifestyle and appearance, they’ve tried calculating her expenses. There’s no denying her lifestyle is outlandish and some may say insane. She turned her wedding dress into curtains after her short marriage. She has two houses one for keeping her extensive collection of clothes in and for living in. Her successes led her to release a capsule collection of accessories in a collaboration with high street giant H&M in 2012.


L-R: Dello Russo’s collaboration on a capsule accessories collection for H&M, Dello Russo’s lavish lifestyle in W Magazine

Her passion and infatuation with fashion is undeniable, and her confidence and boldness truly commendable and inspiring. Her legion of admirers depend on Dello Russo to pull something new out of her multicoloured fur bag keeping them on the edge of their seats. In a world where the editors are either hidden or known to be stony faced, a wilder and friendlier personality is a welcome addition.

In terms of outfits; expect the unexpected, but one thing’s for certain, with Cucciola her beloved Pinscher in hand Dello Russo is sure to rule street style for years to come.

Rukaiyah Dadhiwala

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