Café crawls and coffee tasting: LUU’s new Coffee Society

It is undeniable that coffee has become a worldwide cult of its own in recent years: who doesn’t love coffee!?

Whether you’re a flat white fiend or a double espresso diehard, don’t miss the chance to join Coffee Society. Brainchild of student Jake Leigh-Howarth and his secretary Zyggy, Coffee Society is a brand new society that is eager for new coffee-loving members to join.

The first GIAG event was a World Coffee Tasting Session, where five varieties of Fairtrade coffee from Thailand, Malawi, El Salvador, Brazil and Papua New Guinea were on offer, along with descriptions of their origins and flavours. The beans were from all over the world and all roasted locally in the UK by companies with fantastic names like Grumpy Mule – what’s not to love?

The vibe was very inclusive – no matter how much you know about coffee or how you like it, the society is open to everyone. Yes, you can add milk and sugar and yes, there were chocolate fingers, flapjacks and brownies (and a universal acknowledgement that no cup of coffee is complete without a snack).


With a cup of coffee in hand, you can discuss topics ranging from your favourite blend of the week to just about anything else. A low £3 joining fee gives you a discount card to all the best cafes, including Opposite Café, Hidden Café, Laynes Espresso, Blackwell’s Costa, Caffeine and Co, Café Jojo, and Miros. Loads more additions are meant to follow, including discounts for online coffee shops where you can buy your favourites from the tasting sessions.

The society will meet on Mondays and Fridays and Jake has a huge variety of exciting ideas for the future of the society, from chilling out at one of the discounted cafes (discounts even apply to food!) to barista training. Friday will see a film screening of “A Film about Coffee”. There’ll be coffee cocktail making, coffee beer tasting, opportunities to ground your own coffee beans and even trips to local roasters. The Coffee Society is also revolutionizing the Otley Run, changing it instead into an innovative Coffee Run!

It’s a very chilled, casual society so just drop in when you have some time and support Fairtrade while enjoying a chat, coffee and chocolate with some lovely people from all over the university. Join the Facebook group “LUU Coffee Society” and add yourself to the mailing list to stay up to date with all the exciting new ventures of a brand new society.

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