My Bangwok Experience

On Wednesday afternoon I had the pleasure of having lunch at Bangwok, a unique Thai restaurant in Leeds located underneath the train station on Sovereign Place.

The restaurant is a small space with a quirky interior. The combination of the fairy lights across the ceiling and the tin roofs covering each table made me feel as though I was eating on the streets of a foreign country, and created a fun atmosphere.

When we first arrived at the restaurant, which is open daily for lunch from 12-3, it was quite empty. However, as the lunch hour went on people were queuing out of the door to get their lunch. Although the clientele were mainly businessmen and woman from near by offices, due to the restaurant’s location, Bangwok is also aimed at young people and has a relaxed atmosphere – you can even play a game of Jenga whilst you eat.

I asked what the manager recommend to eat, as the specials change daily; she suggested the Thai green curry and the Pad Thai, both of which have a vegetarian option, from the fixed menu. As I am not a fan of spice, the Pad Thai was perfect for me. The chillies were placed on the side of the dish along with a pile of crushed peanuts, which gave me the option to choose how spicy I wanted my meal. It was a sweet dish with tender chicken and chunks of fried egg, a meal I would definitely have again!

My friend ordered the Thai green curry, which was as equally delicious, although it did have quite a kick to it. We both felt that the dishes were authentic Thai street food, which I think is hard to find in other high street restaurants. As a student, I would definitely recommend these dishes; reasonably priced at £6 and £7, and with very generous portion sizes – so much so that we couldn’t finish our meals we were so full! This is always ideal when your student loan is running low but your appetite isn’t.

If, like me, you’re from the countryside and can’t navigate your way around the city, don’t fret; from the 18th of October for six weeks, Bangwok is opening up a pop up stall in Trinity kitchen. Furthermore, the restaurant has now started a curry club on a Thursday evening, where you can go and fill your stomachs, relax and have a Thai beer. The staff informed me that they are soon to put lighting outside of the venue to make it a more friendly and inviting ambiance. For an authentic, enjoyable and atmospheric lunch right in the heart of Leeds’ buzzing city centre, a taste of Thai at Bangwok is the place to be.


Anna Jenkins 


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