Clay @ Brudenell Social Club 8/10

Thursday proved to be a huge night for Leeds’ bands, Lone Guns and Clay, as they were able to play gigs at one of the most legendary venues their hometown has to offer. After impressing during Live at Leeds, co-headliners Clay possessed a big reputation as one of the most promising bands coming out of Leeds.

Home grown Leeds talent Lone Guns began the evening by displaying their well-balanced talents in a very professional manner. With a particular highlight being the basslines, the Leeds four-piece were impressive in stating their claim on the Leeds’ music scene.

Upon taking to the stage, fellow headliners Kassassin Street immediately captivated me as their lead singer and guitarist lit two incense sticks on his guitar. Although at first I was perplexed by such an unnecessary novelty, it became evident that it merely emulated the distinct charisma that front man, Rowan Bastable, had to offer. His immense energy and strong vocal range allowed him to lead the five-piece from Southsea on a diverse set of psychedelic rock and techno. My admiration peaked when the band revealed their van had been broken into earlier that day, resulting in them having to use a smashed iPhone for their effects.  Undeterred by this, they continued on a gig that left me fascinated and enthused by their talent.

Following such a performance would have been difficult for any band, but the ability to fill the Brudenell had me curious if Clay would live up to their status as up and coming talent. Their confidence on stage, combined with their technical ability, highlighted why they are becoming so popular around Leeds. Despite only being formed just over a year ago, their music was sophisticated and full of substance. The performance seemed effortless, which was made evident by the band’s united chemistry allowing their indie style to shine through. It’s fair to say, Leeds isn’t short of upcoming musical prospects.


Nathan Dale

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