BUCS Results from the First Game of the Season

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Find below all of the results from this week’s BUCS results which took place in Leeds and further afield. 

Badminton 1s (M) 7-1 Newcastle 1s

Badminton 2s (M) L-L Sunderland 1s

Badminton 3s (M) L-L Durham 3s

Badminton 2s (W) 0-8 Newcastle 1s

Basketball 1s (M) 55-81 Sheffield 1s

Basketball 2s (M) 67-94 Sheffield 2s

Basketball 3s (M) 38-79 Newcastle 3s

Basketball 1s (W) 25-34 Lancaster 1s

Fencing 1s (M) 134-90 Durham 2s

Fencing 1s (W) 135-99 York 1s

Football 1s (M) 1-2 Manchester Met 1s

Football 2s (M) L-L Leeds Trinity 1s

Football 3s (M) L-L Hull 2s

Football 4s (M) 1-3 Bradford 1s

Hockey 1s (M) 0-1 Leeds Beckett 1s

Hockey 2s (M) 2-2 York 1s

Hockey 3s (M) 2-3 Hull 1s

Hockey 4s (M) 4-2 Bradford 1s

Hockey 5s (M) 1-1 Teesside 1s

Hockey 6s (M) 1-3 Sheffield 4s

Hockey 2s (W) 0-4 Newcastle 2s

Hockey 3s (W) 1-0 Sheffield 3s

Hockey 4s (W) L-L Leeds 5s

Hockey 6s (W) 1-4 Leeds Beckett 3s

Hockey 7s (W) 2-4 York 3s

Hockey 8s (W) 14-0 Leeds Trinity 1s

Lacrosse 1s (M) L-L Newcastle 1s

Lacrosse 1s (W) 22-3 Newcastle 2s

Lacrosse 2s (W) 7-15 Durham 3s

Netball 2s (W) 23-34 Northumbria 2s

Netball 3s (W) 27-39 Durham 2s

Netball 4s (W) 51-28 Newcastle 4s

Netball 5s (W) 27-30 York 2s

Netball 6s (W) 36-37 Hull 2s

Rugby League 1s (M) 24-50 Sheffield Hallam 1s

Rugby League 2s (M) 10-54 Bangor 1s

Rugby Union 1s (M) 10-15 Newcastle 1s

Rugby Union 2s (M) 26-24 Leeds 3s

Rugby Union 4s (M) L-L Teesside 1s

Squash 1s (M) L-L Manchester 2s

Squash 2s (M) L-L Hull 1s

Squash 3s (M) 3-0 Hull 2s

Table Tennis 1s (M) 3-14 Newcastle 1s

Table Tennis 2s (M) 4-13 Bangor 1s

Tennis 1s (M) L-L UCLAN 1s

Tennis 2s (M) L-L Sheffield 2s

Tennis 3s (M) 2-10 Newcastle 1s

Tennis 4s (M) 4-8 Leeds Beckett 6s

Tennis 1s (W) L-L Manchester 1s

Tennis 2s (W) L-L Durham 4s

Tennis 3s (W) L-L York 2s

Volleyball 1s (M) 3-0 UCLAN 1s

Volleyball 1s (W) 3-0 Northumbria 3s

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