Review – Good Life 2nd Birthday Hip Hop Special

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Ever since word spread of GoodLife’s conception, a night offering perhaps more than your average watered down jager bomb, students have transformed their often ‘edgy’ Leeds wear into the sometimes exotic, often ridiculous, evening attire that is now commonly associated with the GoodLife brand.

Two years on, and with hundreds of pounds spent on glitter and gems, the word ‘beige’ is creeping into what is becoming a slightly monotonous evening out surrounded by wide-eyed second years and bouncy freshers bumping into anyone with a body. The 2nd birthday event took place on Friday 9th October, celebrating two years of evenings spent escaping reality, but with a hip hop theme.

Theres a certain romanticism and attractiveness to escapism. Parking whatever problems or concerns one might have, grabbing your keys and setting out on an adventure. Comforted by the oh so familiar cycle of ‘I’ll deal with it tomorrow’ like an old friend embracing you, you embark on what the Facebook event would have you believe is going to be the best night of your life.

It won’t be.

Or it might but thats not the point.

Really you just crave that moment’s escape: to forget everything and anything and be primitive. To move your body in a crowded space, with blinding lights and thumping tunes.

Appreciate for the first time since the big night the beauty of a single sound, beat, light, or vibration. Singled out, you encounter these sounds throughout your day-to-day life: the hum as the bus leaves the stop; the beep of your student library card as you pass through the gate, but now you can pause and fully appreciate the beauty. What seemed insignificant at 10am on a Monday morning is now completely captivating, and that’s cool.

Whilst GoodLife’s 2nd Birthday event wasn’t mind-blowingly special, it was an enabler to this escapism. Students should expect more from a night out than what the majority are getting and in comparison with other recurring student events in Leeds, Good Life is among a few which is setting these higher standards.

The next GoodLife event to transport you is the Halloween special at Temple Works… this should be the decision maker for your ethereal escapades at the end of the month…

Toby Dylan

(Photo credits: GoodLife)

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