British Art Show 8

So you’ve heard about this grandly named art exhibition. You know it’s in Leeds, which is a fair start, yet what exactly it is has eluded you. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about British Art Show 8 which opened its doors to the eager public at Leeds Art Gallery on 9th October. Learn more about the art show that the Independent says is ‘testing the limits of exhibition boundaries’, or just show off to your mates about how cultured you are with our need to know guide:

1. It only happens once every five years.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name of the exhibition, this is the eighth British Art Show to do the rounds yet it isn’t the eighth year. BAS only happens once every five years but will run until January 2017, in various locations, which brings us to our second point…

2. It’s a touring exhibition

Opening in Leeds is a pretty big deal for the city and the art scene here. This is the first time since 1990 that Leeds has hosted the exhibition before it then continues on in January 2016 to Edinburgh, Norwich and Southampton, where it finishes in January 2017!

3. It showcases the best of British contemporary artists

A 42 strong line-up of some of the greatest contemporary artists working and living in Britain today are showing a range of works from the mossy shell of a 1970s Mini car to an opera written from ‘comments dissing Beyonce on Youtube’. As the website states, ‘The British Art Show provides a vital overview of the most exciting contemporary art produced in the UK,’ so you really would be mad to miss it. Turner award winning artist Laure Prouvost will be exhibiting as well as Simon Fujiwara, creator of ‘A Spire’ which stands outside the Laidlaw Library.

4. They have a dedicated team to bring art to the masses

Not an art aficionado? Don’t panic, British Art Show 8 has you covered! Their audience development officer Natalie Walton has recently revealed their aim to bring those who are less comfortable with art into the exhibition. Expect lots of free talks, workshops and activities at Leeds Art Gallery in the coming months, check their website for more info.

5. It has encouraged the set up of independent art projects all over the city

In response to the increase in traffic generated by BAS8, independent Leeds artists have set up satellite projects to coincide with the exhibition. Leeds Inspired have commissioned several public artworks, including one at Leeds Train Station, collaborative project ‘About Time’ will run with events at The Brunswick until January and the Tetley has recently launched their exhibition The Feast Wagon. What a great time to be in Leeds!

British Art Show 8 will run at Leeds Art Gallery 9th October 2015-10th January 2016, free entry.

Check the website for free workshops and talks

Hayley Reid

Image: Jonty Wilde

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