Campus Watch – 23/10/15

Warwick University student Rejects Consent Training

The Tab Warwick has provoked a backlash from students following an article by George Lawlor on consent classes. He voiced his anger, stating that he did not “have to be taught not to be a rapist”. His comments have generated fierce debate within student communities around the country.

Jonny Chard


Manchester Police Close Rape Investigation

Greater Manchester Police have called off the search for two men who reportedly raped an 18-year-old woman next to Manchester Metropolitan University campus last week. In a statement they said: “Enquiries into this matter have established that the circumstances are not as were originally reported and police are no longer looking for anyone in connection with this incident.”

Zara Wood


Sussex University to pay damages to anti-privatisation protester

Michael Segalov, a  law graduate from Sussex University, is set to receive £20,000 in compensation following wrongful accusations of ‘intimidating behaviour, theft, damage and violence’ by the university during a protest against the privatisation of its services in 2013. Segalov has stated that he is ‘relieved’ by the apology, and that he hoped this will encourage students to ‘campaign for a fairer and free education system.’

Alice Handy


Apple Ordered to Pay Millions in Damages

A US jury has ordered Apple to pay the University of Wisconsin-Madison more than $234m (£152m) in damages for patented infringement. The order was enforced after it was discovered that Apple had been using patented microchip technology in some of their iPads and iPhones without permission. The Wisconsin Alumni research foundation said that the verdict was important to guard its inventions from unauthorised use. Apple has, however, said that it will appeal the decision. 

Becky Ward


Shamima Noor


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