Palestinian Solidarity Group commemorate lost lives in vigil

On Thursday LUU’s Palestinian Solidarity Group, who aim to raise awareness on campus of the contemporary and historical situation in Palestine, held a vigil outside of the Union to commemorate those killed in the recent wave of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

PSG’s co-president Yusra Ahmed, a second year Middle Eastern Studies and Politics student, told The Gryphon, “we have made a banner with the names of all the Palestinians who have been killed since the beginning of October”

He went on to say, “creating the banner was incredibly moving as very few of the victims were over the age of 25”

PSG are also currently gathering support for a referendum to decide whether the University should be linked with Al-Qudz University in Jerusalem. Mr Ahmed said, “we took this to the Better University forum at the Union and we were only one vote off from winning the motion. Now there will  be referendum starting on Monday 9th November for four days to decide”.

However, members of JSoc, LUU’s Jewish Society, also attended on Thursday and shared their concerns about the vigil with The Gryphon.

Daniel J. Levy, a second year Middle Eastern Studies and Politics student and JSoc committee member said, “many of the names on the banner that PSG have created are actually the names of Palestinian terrorists. For example, number 49 on PSG’s banner is Muhannad Halabi. He actually stabbed three people  in Jerusalem’s Old City. He was shot by responding police units”.

Mr Levy added, “Similarly, number 47 on the banner is Tair Abu Gazala who stabbed five Israelis with a screwdriver in Tel Aviv and is being commemorated as a victim”.

“No act of terrorism should ever be commemorated on campus, regardless of religion. Furthermore, I think PSG are onl supporting a one-state solution to the crisis. How can it be that it is allowed for a LUU society to publicly commemorate terrorists on campus?”


(Image: Palestine Solidary Group Facebook)

Elli Pugh

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