We The Generation by Rudimental

The second album from this relatively new group from Hackney does not tarnish their newly crowned label as festival favourites. Playing at Glastonbury earlier this year and most likely taking this new album on the road next festival season, We The Generation reaches new horizons.

Dipping into different genres for inspiration, such as retro funk with ‘New Day’ or a stripped down sound with ‘Go Far’, Rudimental is further exploring their musical boundaries with this album. They even draw from varying inspirations for the track ‘Love Ain’t Just a Word’ by incorporating a reggae undertone, appropriate considering the album’s recording in Jamaica. The collaborations with Will Heard, Foy Vance and Ed Sheeran are certainly not overlooked as they provide the singles for the album to build upon, with an interesting mixture of dance beats paired with emotionally tugging lyrics on ‘Lay It All On Me’. The gospel-like support that’s provided for the main vocals gives the album a special signature, showcased exquisitely in ‘I Will For Love’.

Although it is lacking the house hitting singles that were present in their previous album, the collection of summertime relaxation tracks presented undoubtedly catches listeners’ attention with a fast-pasted synthesized beat that shines through on the chorus of many tracks. This gives the dance feel while not taking away for the varying underlying tones of either funk, pop or acoustic guitar that accompanies each individual song.

Overall, Rudimental’s sophomore album is worth a listen and will expand a dance music fan’s horizons. While maintaining the roots of pop and incorporating electronic beats as a driving force, a signature twist is implemented on each song, which makes this album stand slightly apart from the rest.


Jenna Machin


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