Preview: Leeds International Film Festival

From 5th – 19th November, Leeds welcomes the 29th International Film Festival, and with films being shown throughout unique venues such as the Hyde Park Picture House and Everyman Cinema in Trinity, the festival looks set to impress attendees more than ever this year.

This year’s films will be split into the following categories:

– Official Selection, including previews of eagerly-anticipated
international films coming out this year.

– Retrospectives, looking back on some of the greats of the last century.

– Cinema Versa, featuring a range of documentaries.

– Fanomenon, showcasing films from the more niche genres.

– Short Films, for all your indie needs.

On top of this, there‘s a one-off special – and free – screening of The Breakfast Club that film fanatics would be remiss to miss: the film‘s 30th anniversary will be celebrated at the Town Hall at 9am, Saturday 7th November.

For those feeling especially patriotic, this year‘s fest includes a British film week that will start from the 7th November, which will be dedicated to celebrated British filmmakers that have gone on to display their work around the world. Even if you’re not a huge movie fan, it‘s still worth checking out some of the British documentaries or short films that will be playing during this week.

As students always looking for a great deal, it’s worth taking a look at the Leeds Free Cinema Week. Throughout the festival, there will be 25 free screenings that have been handpicked by the organisers and will be on shown at some great venues around the city.

Tickets for each film, or the festival as a whole, can be bought online ( or at the box office (Carriageworks, Millenium Square). While a ticket for the entire festival will set you back £95, individual films are reasonably priced, ranging from free to £8. Not a bad price for films you won’t be able to view anywhere else.

Nabihah Parkar

Image: Lionsgate

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