The Digest: 30/10/15

Two Dead after Swedish School Attacks

Horror struck a school in Trollhättan, Sweden last Thursday, when a man dressed in a Darth-Vaderesque mask carrying a sword attacked four people.

The attacker initially posed for photographs with the children who believed it to be a Halloween joke. The bloodshed only began when a teacher’s assistant told the unannounced visitor to leave, with the Vader-impersonator suddenly stabbing the 20-year-old man.

Thord Haraldsson, the lead investigator, describes how the assailant “selected his victims and attacked darker-skinned ones, [leaving] the lighter-skinned ones alone”.

The assailant, shot dead on the scene, was found with a suicide note revealing his racist motives. He warned in his note that “Sweden should not take in so many immigrants”. Sweden is one of the main destinations for the Syrian refugees of the ongoing crisis, with social welfare programs being offered by the country.

James Hicks


Five Brtions Dead after Boats Sinks

Five Britons have been killed whilst whale-watching off the coast of western Canada.

Three of the victims were tourists on holiday from the UK and two were British nationals living in Canada, ranging in age from 18 to 76.

One person is still said to be missing as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dive team continue their search. The boat, Leviathan II, was carrying 27 people when it sank about 8 miles west of Torino, a popular tourist area on Vancouver Island.

The cause of the accident remains unknown and Canada’s Transportation Safety Board are still conducting the investigation.

Jonny Chard


President Xi Endorses ‘Northern Powerhouse’

Last weekend, President Xi Jinping of China paid his first state visit to England. Despite criticism from some because of China’s questionable human rights record, he was invited to speak before both houses of Parliament.

This was followed by a banquet at Buckingham Palace attended by the Queen.

He spent the last of his four day visit in Manchester, cementing its reputation as the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

President Xi announced a new direct flight between Beijing and Manchester airport and a £130m “China Cluster” project at Airport City Manchester, an £800m joint business development between British and Chinese companies. In a joint statement, the leaders commended the trip as opening a ‘golden era’ in UK-China relations and pledged to “enhance bilateral trade and investment” and co-operation on major initiatives.

Katy Frodsham


Teenager Arrested over Talk Talk Cyber Attack

Communications giant TalkTalk were last week hit by a “significant and sustained cyber-attack”.

The phone and broadband provider first stated that the bank details and personal information of its four million UK customers could have been accessed.

Chief executive, Dido Harding, has since declared that the attack was smaller than originally thought and that credit card details taken would have been incomplete and therefore not usable for financial transactions.

A criminal investigation was launched last Thursday and a 15-year-old boy from Northern Island has since been arrested in connection with the attack on suspicion of Computer Misuse Act offenses.

Jonny Chard



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