Weekly Chart – Editor’s Picks

Flabaire – Esoteric Audio Research (Organic-Music)

Coming from one of the main guys behind DKO records, Ralph Maruani, Esoteric Audio Research is a three-track EP of all killer and no filler. Kemia Fever is a punchy groover sandwiched in between two stellar deep house tracks that add to the Parisian’s early promise.

JV -EditChannel XXX (EditChannel)

Reissued disco magic based on Bobby Thurston’s ‘You Got What It Takes’ from Justin Van Der Volgen. A dancefloor weapon which stays true to the original, the nine and half minutes just fly by with each listen, even if you want that guitar loop to go on forever.

Khruangbin – People Everywhere (Still Alive) (Late Night Tales)

Even without a huge amount of touring or a professional promotion campaign, Khruangbin have nonetheless created a great deal of hype over their forthcoming album, ‘The Universe Smiles Upon You.’ The Texan 3-piece first received positive attention after their ‘A Calf Born In Winter’ single was featured on Bonobo’s Late Night Tales compilation. ‘People Everywhere’, out next month, is another example of their ability to display all manner of different influences in one three minute pop song.

Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – KVK 300 (Karlovak)

Two previously hard-to-get-your-hands-on tracks from this consistent duo have resurfaced this month with an anticipated repress. B-side ‘I Want You To See (That You’re In Love With Me)’ stands as the stronger side compared to ‘Karvolrak’ The B-side’s shimmering highs and hypnotic vocals make it a perfect peak-time record to play out.

Various – From Hell With Love – 5 Years of Lumberjacks In Hell ( Lumberjacks In Hell)

A celebration compilation for Marcel Vogel’s Lumberjacks In Hell imprint. Eight tracks of disco funkiness from the likes Borrowed Identity, Boogie Nite, Dan Shake and Marcel Vogel himself.


Chris Caden

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