LSR Under Fire after “Slutty” Halloween Costume Poll

Leeds Student Radio have come under fire after posting a controversial poll on their Twitter account, asking whether girls should dress slutty for Halloween.

The topic was being discussed as part of the Saturday Breakfast show in relation to Mean Girls, although this wasn’t made explicit on the Twitter poll.

The poll asked “Should girls dress slutty for Halloween?”, and the choices of response were “slutty” or “stupid”.

The Tweet was soon removed as LSR started to receive complaints, and they were quick to apologise for any offense caused.

One of the hosts of the Saturday Breakfast show commented on a post to the Feminist Society’s Facebook page: “We were discussing Mean Girls on the radio and the costume choices I had chosen. Sexy was the better terminology and I take full responsibility.”

Another host commented: “The tweet looks entirely out of context as, like she said, we were discussing the outfit choices in mean girls.

“The wording was awful, I am so sorry.”

Some were unsatisfied with the response, however, with Ruby Lott-Lavigna commenting “Yeah, the only context this tweet needs to make sense is the context of a sexist society that shames women for having agency.”

Helena Webb, LSR’s Station Manager commented: “The girls made a mistake and nothing like this will happen again.

“There is not much we can do to change what has happened, but what we can do is move forward from here and ensure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.”

Jessica Murray

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