Preview : Youth Club Sounds Launch Party

Thursday 5th 10pm, Distrikt Bar, 7 Duncan St, LS1 6DQ

This Thursday, the Leeds air will be smoke filled, checked with needlessly expensive pyrotechnics and scored by cacophony of simulated weapon fire. Firework night, while the same year upon year and with a hopelessly misguided message which celebrates the violent and ritualistic death of history’s favourite terrorist, draws more students out of their abodes than £5 Good Life tickets and free (harmlessly decorative) bindis.

Once the disproportionate amount of time spent impatiently shivering away listening to a mad bloke trying to flog donuts out of a van is up and the light works begin, we’re invited to share in some collective grunting, punctuated by the occasional ‘fuck did you see that’ from a sharp-eyed genius elsewhere in the crowd. It’s a rather beautiful 10 minute period, which feels vastly longer and gives us that chance to reflect on the year approaching it’s end, think about how pissed off we are that it now gets dark at 5pm, and give local scallywags a right good opportunity to get familiar with the insides our pockets. I for one cannot wait. The excitement is truly palpable.

But what happens when the fireworks are over?

The answer is unclear. Numerous people will spend innumerable hours swiping their fingers in oblivion with the hope of finding someone on Tinder who might get them a Christmas gift which isn’t shit. Others might dress up like their favourite ethnic minority and head to Gin and Juice to relive their salad days when they listened to Tupac and Biggie between episodes of Rosie and Jim. Doesn’t sound great does it?

Luckily, this firework night, for the first time ever, will see Distrikt open it’s doors to a new sound. Hesitantly dubbed ‘the future-beats movement,’ the brand new, Leeds based record label Youth Club Sounds are throwing a party. Entry is free, the music you’ll hear will be refreshingly original, and you’ll be dancing so much that you won’t be able to feel the pain of your singed off finger tips. Seriously, every year they tell you put on fireproof gloves before handling sparklers. Will you ever learn?

Our resident DJs ( will be joined by Leeds’ very own DULAHLI (; a beatmaker from Leeds College of Music, who’s glitchy, hip-hop inspired live remixes and originals will blow your thermal socks off, and Eyesz (, an up and coming producer who loves a Justin Timberlake sample, and plays shamelessly positive, yet effortlessly cool joints that will move and shake all the Halloween sweeties right off your love handles. He in fact, treated us to a 45-minute mix of some of his favourite tunes, just to cut through all the pretension and give you a tangible impression as to what type of music you’ll be hearing.

Once again, it’s free. It starts after the fireworks. There’s no stressful dress code or an expectation of drug use. It’s contemporary, truly enjoyable, electronically-infused hip hop, trap, funk and RnB, with happy-hour drinks prices at a venue that you and your mates always say you should go to more often. So why not?


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