Product 3 by Beat Connection

A rich landscape of low-key synths and breezy vocals form what is essentially an album of beautiful, effortless love songs. Beneath the drum machine lies an unbound wave of cheeriness in the face of romantic defeat, that seeps through in not least the lyrics: “I still like the sound of another round with you”. Product 3 maintains an unwavering, succinct sound in the album’s two poppier pinnacles, ‘So Good’ and ‘Rosealene’, the most explicit in their dreamy intentions, crooning “I want to get to know you Rosealene” over swirling keyboards. Instantly catchy ‘So Good’ bounces along in a state of blissful hope, captured by jangly guitars and a chorus that arises from the stripped back verses like a soulful burst of euphoria.

With a deceptively smooth sound, Beat Connection have weaved an impressive range of electronic samples and beats into their album, and this lies at the heart of what makes this an original collection of songs. Understated opener ‘Hesitation’ unfolds into a lush jungle of exotic pan flutes and offbeat handclaps, where electro meets funk, as it drifts between the two in ethereal tones. This blend of genres is maintained throughout, and works best when the slick guitars are played in contrast to the electronic beats such as on ‘Illusion’, which features an indulgently cool funk guitar refrain. While its limited lyrical themes can become somewhat worn out, it’s undeniable that the music retains its vitality and carries the sentiments of the song far further.

Somewhere in the escapes of reality, Beat Connection are enacting their vision of a dream-filled paradise, in sound and spirit alike, on an album of refreshing and highly contagious optimism.


Natasha Lyons

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