Yorkshire’s Very Own: Lizzy Hadfield

Graduating from University of Leeds this summer hasn’t stopped Lizzy Hadfield working hard at what she’s good at. The History of Art graduate who was born and raised in Leeds has made a name for herself in the blogging world with over 34K followers on Instagram and countless views on her blog. Aptly named the blog contains many images ‘shot from the street’, and has seen her being featured on Elle Online as well as collaborating with French Connection and Warehouse. As if the high street wasn’t enough you could even spot Lizzy watching the designer collections  a London Fashion Week. With a chic and minimal aesthetic, expect monochrome galore, extreme shoe envy and winter wear lust. Read our interview with Leeds’ very own Lizzy Hadfield:

Hi Lizzy! Hope you’re well!

Congratulations on your graduation! How was your time at the University of Leeds?

I loved my time at Leeds University. Leeds is an amazing city, and the University is fantastic. I studied History of Art, and Leeds has an amazing department there with lots of inspiring staff.

Any memorable outfits whilst at university? What was your typical outfit like whilst studying/on a night out?

Ohh perhaps nothing too memorable as I used to have the same outfit on repeat! My usual Uni outfit would consist of skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, a turtleneck and some sort of long coat. Not very memorable, but effortless style is the way forward for Uni. I am not the biggest fan of a night out, so I don’t have many looks for that! However, when I do go out I like to go for something smart and sophisticated: tailored trousers, heels and a simple top. 

sfts2We all want to be stylish, but as students we don’t have the biggest budget. Any tips on budgeting as a student fashionista?

I would say know which high street store suits your needs. I would recommend Zara for on-trend pieces and shoes, H&M for basics, ASOS for pretty much everything, and Topshop for knitwear and outerwear. Those are my three favourites! And of course, make the most of the sales. 

You’ve got a fantastic blog, a great YouTube channel and an extremely popular Instagram account, what inspired you to begin? And how did you maintain University studies whilst blogging?

I started my blog when I realised I was spending too much time reading other people’s! It was completely a ‘hey, I can do this too!’ moment, and it grew from there. As for balancing it with studies, you need to be on top of your time management and make sure you have a flexible photographer. I find blogging a great way to wind down, so it took up most of my weekends and evenings too and was a great break from writing essays. 

For anyone new to you, describe your blog/channel in 3 words?

Casual but sophisticated. 

sfts3Your shots on your blog and Instagram have an extremely professional aesthetic, can you tell us a bit more about the photography side?

Well my Mum is my photographer, and she gets better every time we shoot! I am lucky to be able to work with my Mum as she is flexible works hard to help me create the best content I can. I would recommend investing in a camera. You don’t have to spend thousands at all (and second hand is always an option), but a good camera makes all the difference. Also make sure you have the right lens for the look you want to achieve – there is camera shop in Leeds called The Flash Centre which I would highly recommend, the guys there are very knowledgeable and willing to give advice! My final piece of advice would be to make the most of daylight hours (natural light is always best), and use your surroundings well – the Uni campus is actually one of my favourite blogging locations too. 

What’s the best and worst thing about being a Youtuber and blogger?

Meeting like minded people and the opportunities it presents. I have worked with brands I would never have dreamed of, and met some incredibly inspiring people. The worst things would be the negative effect it can have on self esteem – it’s very hard not to compare yourself to others at times. And also getting people to pay you for your work and time can be a difficulty! 


You have a lustworthy collection of gorgeous designer items in your wardrobe, do you have any tips for shopping high end reasonably?

Sales, sales and sales!! I have a pretty big designer shoe collection, over 75% of which have been bought in the sales. Harvey Nichols in Leeds always have amazing sales (especially for shoes too). Outside of sale season I would recommend eBay and also TheOutnet.com. Just make sure you fall in love with the item, not the discounted price tag! 

We at the Gryphon Fassfts4hion have a passion for raising the Northern profile in the fashion and blogging world. As a Northern blogger what are your views on this? Any ways you think this can be improved?

Yes it definitely needs improving. It can be hard being a blogger and not working in London, as there is so much more going on there, and the train fares are pretty pricey! I think being Northern becomes a point of difference, but realistically as so many PRs and brands are based in London it’s always going to have a bigger profile. But in terms of improving it – the more Northern bloggers the better, as it will encourage brands to host events in the North, and invest in the blogging community. 

Do you have any pointers for new or inspiring bloggers?

Go for it! I was nervous to start my blog and felt it was cringeworthy! For a while I even blogged via Instagram without putting my face or name to it. I regret this and wish I had thrown myself in from the beginning. Don’t worry about what people think!

What are your plans for the future now that you’ve graduated?

At the moment I am blogging full time and working on turning Shot From The Street into a business.

Quickfire Questions:

Three beauty items you couldn’t live without?sfts5

  1. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream,
  2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, 
  3. Essie Nail Varnish (especially all the grey colours) 

1 Item in your closet you repeatedly reach for?

My long black tailored coat from COS. 

Best item you’ve ever invested in?

A pair of Alexander Wang brogues. They’re so comfy and I get complimented on them every time i wear them. 

Favourite high street brand?

Zara, or COS for high end high street. 

Favourite high-end brand?

Acne for clothes, Saint Laurent for shoes and bags. 

Fashion/beauty Inspiration?

Mostly fellow bloggers! But Victoria Beckham will always be my number one inspo. 

An undiscovered or underrated Leeds gem? (shop, blogger or market)

For someone who has lived in Leeds their whole life I really don’t know any hidden gems! I love the café Mrs Athas – but I think that is pretty well discovered! Their coffee is amazing though! 

sfts1If you could have any celebrity wardrobe for a week it’d be…

Again, Victoria Beckham. Her shoe collection is to die for! 

Dream job?


Thank You to Lizzy for her contributions!

Blog: www.shotfromthestreet.com

Instagram: shotfromthestreet

Youtube: Lizzy Hadfield

Twitter: @lizzyhadfield

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Images: http://www.shotfromthestreet.com


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