Further break-ins across campus

Six mobile phone were stolen from the student changing areas at Stage@Leeds on Monday.

The thief then broke in to an office at the School of Engineering building on campus. Students contacted the police and, using tracking software connected to their mobile phones, directed the police to a bus where the suspect was then reprimanded.

The suspect appeared at Leeds Crown Court on Wednesday. West Yorkshire Police have reported that another three men are being questioned under suspicion of further burglaries on campus.

In a statement, West Yorkshire Police have said: “A male was arrested by police on the 2nd October 2015 after 6 mobile phones were stolen from a changing room at the University of Leeds and an office broken into and items taken. “Tracking software on the phone led to the suspect being arrested on a Leeds Bus and items of stolen property recovered. “This male has subsequently been charged and remanded to prison pending a sentencing hearing. “A further three suspects have also been arrested in connection to a series of burglaries at the University of Leeds that have occurred in the past 14 days. “They have been charged with the offences and are due to appear in court shortly.”

The incident comes only days after a break in at the Liberty Building off Moorhouse Road, when during the course of several hours, a burglar stole cash and stock from vending machines, as well as two MacBook Pros.

The burglar entered and left the building a number of times throughout the course of the night, while he packed the stolen goods into carrier bags, a rucksack and possibly a metal trolley, before fleeing in the direction of Hyde Park after being disturbed by cleaners.

(Image: Barry Carlyon/Flickr)

Shamima Noor

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