Preview – #0800R1NG2RAV3

If, like me, you have plunged irrevocably into the depths of your overdraft,

and if, like me, you’re beginning to wilt under a sudden influx of assignments,

and if, like me, you’re often partial to involve yourself in our city’s spoiling nightlife,

and if, like me, your social media platforms rarely go hours unchecked,

then look this way…

A handful of the masterminds from Red Bull Music Academy are treating two of the nation’s cities to a tribute to the bygone era of the illegal 90s rave scene. London and Leeds will play homage to the underground escapades of past UK partygoers by throwing a secret one-off event, to which you are invited. Keeping true to style, the location and line up will only be released on the day, but forget your flip-phone and running out of credit, this element we bring into the 21st Century: the location and lineup for the event will only be revealed by tweeting the hashtag #0800R1NG2RAV3.

As a 90s baby myself, curiosity kicks in to try and fathom the illegal adventures that were happening all around the country, right under our noses (or more likely in our nearby woodlands) as we strove to grow into respectable adults. Yet here we are, retracing the footsteps of those in the know.

Leeds is to host this free rave on Saturday 21st November. If you have prior plans for next Saturday, scrap them. A free, unbilled, underground event, that will no doubt blow your socks off with the freshest DJ talent on the scene, all yet to be revealed. A few clues as to what to expect can be derived from the bill of the Red Bull Music Academy UK Tour back in April, boasting the likes of legendary Moxie, Shy FX, Fabio and Grooverider.

So, mind your Scooby-doos and tamagochis, channel your flares, bunches and bucket hats and don’t forget to tweet #0800R1NG2RAV3 next Saturday 21st November to find out where all the fun is happening.

And don’t forget to tell everyone our little secret: #0800R1NG2RAV3.


Flora Tiley.

(Photo credits: RBMA)

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