BUCS Results List

Here are the results from another packed Wednesday for the university’s sports teams:


Badminton 1s (M) 7-1 Bangor 1s

Badminton 2s (M) 7-1 Bradford 1s

Badminton 3s (M) 0-8 Leeds Beckett 2s

Badminton 1s (W) 7-1 Durham 1s

Badminton 2s (W) 4-4 UCLAN 1s

Basketball 1s (M) 100-65 Salford 2s

Basketball 2s (M) 50-75 Bradford 1s

Basketball 1s (W) 33-64 LJMU 1s

Fencing 1s (M) 129-119 Liverpool 1s

Fencing 1s (W) 135-36 Keele 1s

Football 1s (M) 2-2 Leeds Beckett 1s

Football 2s (M) 5-4 Durham 2s

Football 4s (M) 1-2 Huddersfield 1s

Football 1s (W) 2-3 Leeds Beckett 2s

Football 2s (W) 7-2 Teesside 1s

Hockey 1s (M) 6-0 St. Andrews

Hockey 2s (M) 5-1 Leeds 6s

Hockey 3s (W) 1-1 Chester 1s

Hockey 5s (W) 0-4 Leeds Beckett 3s

Lacrosse 1s (M) 9-3 York 1s

Lacrosse 1s (W) 14-6 York 1s

Netball 1s 43-46 LJMU 1s

Netball 2s 27-21 Lancaster 1s

Netball 3s 30-44 Sheffield 1s

Netball 5s 27-55 Salford 1s

Netball 6s 29-42 Sheffield 4s

Rugby League 1s 18-52 Leeds Beckett 1s

Rugby Union 1s (M) 14-31 Loughborough 1s

Rugby Union 3s (M) 38-10 Liverpool 2s

Rugby Union 4s (M) 42-0 Leeds Trinity 1s

Rugby Union 1s (W) 14-8 Edge Hill 1s

Squash 1s (M) 4-1 Leeds Beckett 1s

Squash 2s (M) 0-3 Sheffield Hallam 1s

Squash 2s (W) 3-1 Sheffield 1s

Tennis 1s (M) 8-4 Sheffield 1s

Tennis 2s (M) 12-0 Chester 2s

Tennis 3s (M) 0-12 Northumbria 1s

Tennis 2s (W) 6-6 Durham 5s

Volleyball 1s (M) 3-0 Liverpool 1s

Water Polo 1s (W) 11-3 York 1s

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