Higher Than Here by James Morrison

Three years have passed since James Morrison’s last album The Awakening. After a long absence, Morrison comes back with his fourth album Higher Than Here.

The opening song ‘Demons’ is somewhat different to what we are used to hearing from the singer from Warwickshire. A loop of a haunting electronic vocal echoes throughout the song singing “I got demons”. The contrast between the spectral voice and James Morrison’s singing is interesting, however, the unusual use of technology in his composition does not change the James Morrison that we have come to know with his honest words. This is shown in ‘Demons’ as he sings “I got demons tryin’a get to me/but they’ll never take me down/I’m only human”.

The chorus of ‘Heaven To A Fool’ seems to take inspiration from Sam Smith’s as Morrison manipulates his voice in the same high-pitched way as Smith does in most of his songs. Apart for some small differences, Higher Than Here is an album that follows the traces of the The Awakening.  Even though Higher Than Here is consistent with James Morrison’s image and style, the album appears to contains other influences from artists such Ed Sheeran and Adele, who have have both set the bar very high since Morrison’s last album. Higher Than Here is filled with positive lyrics and showcases James Morrison’s new apparent desire to fit the pop scene.


Samantha Cabral

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