Preview – Daniel Avery + Volte Face

May I strongly suggest that this Friday 20th November you head down to town’s hippest, new, palatial venue, Headrow House. Why? Daniel Avery.

Infecting our airwaves over the last couple of years with his admirable album, Drone Logic and a follow up compilation of masterful remixes (love it when artists do that), his sound has recently taken to the techno side of things. The Bournemouth bred DJ has been an international hit as well, darting all over the planet, which is seemingly in keeping with his intentions for his music to take an audience on an immersive ‘trip’, before re-emerging back into the real world. Signed to Erol Alkan’s ever-prosperous Phantasy Sound, his next release, Sensation is their 50th record. They hold him in the highest esteem, as an example to many of the other DJs in their midst, having also set up a ‘semi-regular gathering for like-minded souls’ at Fabric in London. This event, Divided Love has also been an international hit and has had some stellar guests on the list, including KiNK, Roman Flügel and Rødhåd. If Ghost Culture’s performance at the opening of the venue is anything to go by, Headrow House will play the perfect host, permitting people to stray about like cats and if Avery’s Valentine’s Day set at Wire was anything to go by, this could well be the best night of your life.

But I must diverge from this marriage proposal and also introduce Volte-Face who is set to be on the Headrow this Friday. His music suitably befits the definition of the phrase itself with repercussive, repetitive techno beats cunningly and meticulously compiled. A somewhat mysterious producer, DJ and promoter, signed to his own BleeD Music, there is relatively little information out there. With just one release, plus a remix of Avery’s Platform Zero and new material in the mix, we will be witness to some of the freshest new talent on the scene. He often performs alongside Avery and the two are playing here as part of Beacon’s Metro festival.

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Flora Tiley

(Photo credits: Clash Music)

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