BUCS Results Round-Up

Here is a list of results from the BUCS fixtures played across Leeds and beyond this week:

Badminton 1sts (M) 7 – 1 Newcastle 1sts

Basketball 1sts (W) 66-35 Lancaster 1sts

Basketball 2nds (M) 61-52 Newcastle 2nds

Basketball 3rds (M) 45-41 Bradford 2nds

Fencing 1sts (M) 135 – 115 Durham 2nds

Football 1sts (M) 2-2 Manchester Met 1sts

Football 1sts (W) 7-1 Manchester Met 1sts

Football 2nds (M) 2-3 Hull 1sts

Football 2nds (W) 4-1 Hull 1sts

Football 3rds (M) 1-1 Sheffield Hallam 3rds

Football 4ths (M) 3-2 Edge Hill 3rds

Golf 1sts (Mixed) 1.5-4.5 Sheffield

Hockey 1sts (M) 2-3 Loughborough 1sts

Hockey 1sts (W) 2-8 Loughborough 1sts

Hockey 2nds (M) 2-2 Newcastle 2nds

Hockey 2nds (W) 4-2 Sheffield 2nds

Hockey 3rds (W) 4-1 Newcastle 3rds

Hockey 4ths (M) 3-2 Sheffield Hallam 3rds

Hockey 4ths (W) 4-1 Hull 1sts

Hockey 5ths (W) 0-2 York 2nds

Hockey 6ths (M) 2-0 Leeds Beckett 4ths

Hockey 6ths (W) 3-2 Beckett 4ths

Hockey 7ths (W) 17-0 Durham 5ths

Hockey 8ths (W) 0-6 Hull 2nds

Netball 1sts (W) 28-29 Newcastle 2nds

Netball 2nds (W) 33-31 Sheffield 1sts

Netball 3rds (W) 36-44 Sheffield Hallam 2nds

Netball 4ths (W) 46-28 Leeds Beckett 4ths

Netball 5ths (W) 25-53 Sunderland 1sts

Rugby Union 1sts (M) 17-17 Northumbria 1sts

Rugby Union 1sts (W) 12-17 Manchester 1sts

Rugby Union 2nds (M) 39-17 Durham 4ths

Rugby Union 4ths (M 0-36 Newcastle 5ths

Squash 2nds (M) 3-0 Durham 3rds

Squash 3rds (M) 2-1 Durham 4ths

Table Tennis 2nds (M) 0-17 Sunderland 1sts

Tennis 1sts (M) 12-0 Leeds Beckett 3rds

Tennis 1sts (W) 0-12 Liverpool 1sts

Tennis 2nds (W) 0-12 Sheffield Hallam

Ultimate Frisbee (M) 8-9 University of York 1sts

Volleyball (M) 3-0 UCLAN 1sts

Water Polo 1sts (M) 4-15 Loughborough 1sts

Water Polo 1sts (W) 34-1 Lancaster 1sts

The Gryphon Sports Editorial Team 

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