The Rise of the Men’s Fashion Blogger

Over the past ten years the blogging world has changed; once considered merely a hobby, now it has become something of an achievement to be a professional full-time blogger in the fashion industry. It’s a tough business, 360° scrutiny means these guys really need to know their stuff, especially within an already saturated market. You need to therefore tune your digital antennae to focus on those individuals you want to hear from and, ultimately, respect. A good style blogger always has something relevant and current to say. So with that in mind, here are some of the  most visible players currently in the menswear blogosphere.

male bloggers1SchoolBoy Couture

Jefferson Pires created SchoolBoyCouture in 2009 as an outlet to express his more creative side and to talk about things that interested him. Since then the blog has gone from strength to strength leading to collaborations with brands such as Leica, Bang & Olufsen, Topman and Mr Porter. Pires’ style would be best described as ‘street’ with an artistic slant.

Web:   Twitter: @SchlBoyCouture   Insta: @schlboycouture



male bloggers2Permanent Style

Founded in 2007 by Simon Crompton, Permanent Style is the UK authority on classic and luxury menswear. Crompton offers advice on subtle things to look out for and what these premium brands and tailors offer. The site offers a modern take on classic Savile Row dressing with all of the details and codes deciphered for those new to the playing field.

Web:   Twitter: @permanentstyle



male bloggers3Monsieur Robot

Hosted on Mademoiselle Robot’s site, Monsieur Robot has been around for over seven years. Warren Beckett’s, the man behind the robot, personal style veers towards more casual street wear, however, the blog isn’t particularly trend-led. Beckett covers runway shows, but always provides cultural context for each of his posts whilst being a pure reflection of his personal tastes.

Twitter: @RobotMonsieur Insta:robotmonsieur


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