Fit Me In by Frankie Cosmos

For a reasonable amount of time, my favourite lyric has laid within RADSTEWART’s track, ‘Insane Parties.’ “If you go out and get drunk, in a Native American headdress, then you’re a cunt.” However, as Greta Kline earnestly proclaims that she’d rather “be a bird, and kiss dogs” during ‘O Contest Winner’, it seems that I’ve been left with an increasingly hard choice. Although I have to accept that since the age of 6 I’ve been trying (failing) to get over my crippling fear of winged creatures, so maybe I’ll stick with RADSTEWART for now.

Throughout Frankie Cosmos’ 2014 effort, Zentropy, and their latest EP Fit Me In, Kline and co. have consistently created a refreshing, niche sound by marrying sincere vocals with a slackerish approach.

As the release of Fit Me In approached I was undeniably excited, however it would be a lie to say that I wasn’t at least somewhat concerned as to how it would compare and perhaps differ to Zentropy. It differs in the sense that it ditches fuzzy, lazy guitars and takes a route through gleaming, electronic pastures instead.

Even without accounting for the lyrical themes of, ‘Korean Food’ the arrangement of the percussion and synthesizers seem to transport you to the Far East instantaneously, almost reminiscent of Mac Demarco’s, ‘Chamber of Reflection’. This is also a fairly recurring motif throughout other tracks such as ‘O Contest Winner’ and ‘Young’ and one that certainly works well.

However, the final track on Fit Me In, ‘Sand’, is a punchy, forty-nine second tease, which harks back to Zentropy through its lazy, hypnotic bass line. Unfortunately, ‘Sand’ did leave me wanting more, but not necessarily for the right reasons, and does perhaps feel unfinished. But I’m probably being selfish.


Joshua Bayat

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