Know-It-All by Alessia Cara

The pop industry is calling out for a new starlet. Someone with the ability to write honest tracks not revolving around their recent tabloid break-up, and who aren’t ex-Disney princesses hastily trying to shake off their perceived innocence. The 19-year-old Canadian Alessia Cara, reminiscent of Lorde, has the potential to fill this void. She shares her origins with Justin Bieber, spotted at 13 on Youtube, only she has something more wholesome say.

Her debut album Know-It-All had many waiting in ardent anticipation following her debut single ‘Here’. The single possessed everything pop had needed: a punchy rhythm, soulful voice, and lyrics unashamedly denouncing demanding teenage expectations. Rebelling against the moulds of society, and rebelling against what may be expected of her as a young female in the pop industry – it is undoubtedly the strongest track.

The album reveals her wealth of potential. The first 5 songs represent her intelligent song writing, disseminating her realistic commentary on youth and society. With a punchy rhythm and choral melody ‘Wild Things’ blasts “I loose my balance on these egg shells you tell me to tread”, whilst ‘I’m Yours’ wittily demands of her target “how rude of you, to ruin my miserable and tell me I’m beautiful”.

The albums softer notes, however, lack originality with her romantic assessments not matching up to her intelligent scrutiny of teenage life. ‘Stone’ and ‘Stars’ are slow and generic. They don’t successfully represent her youth, vision and style.

Despite the weaker points in the album it’s youthful, relatable, sincere and sharp.


Isla Tweed


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