Preview – The Dirty Disco 10th Anniversary

It’s not hard to build up a rapport in 10 years, but me oh my Dirty Disco puts everyone to shame. 10 years of exquisite lineups, 10 years of block rockin’ beats and 10 years of management under the 3 best names in management history (Foz, Stu and Lizard).

Let me put their nationwide success into perspective: back in May 2005, when Crazy Frog was number 1 in the charts, the Leeds venue Northern Light (now obsolete) birthed this strange new night where audiences where actually capable of grooooooving. Disco oozed slowly back onto the scene and Dirty Disco helped metamorphose the genre and update it into the 21st century. Ensuring the hottest names at the time, the night inevitably grew both a following and a reputation. Within in 5 years since its inception, Dirty Disco hosted an arena at Gatecrasher, and was guaranteed to attract crowds in the region of 3000 partygoers strong. An absolutely winning formula from which all nights in Leeds now certainly draw, but alas, as is the way with the best things in life, Dirty Disco tapered to an end… only to be reignited! The people of Leeds will once again be treated in celebration of the night’s 10th birthday. Now in 2015, they are capable of boasting the finest array of resident DJs and guests (Booka Shade, Damian Lazarus, Eric Prydz and anybody who’s anybody). Next Saturday, November 28th brings no other than Paranoid London, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Session Victim, Young Marco and so so so many more!

What did we do to deserve ears with which to listen and limbs with which to flail?

With relocation to Mint Warehouse, tickets are expectedly on last release, but the Very Very Wrong Indeed after party tickets evaporated in minutes so they had to get a bigger venue. Tickets for both the main event and after party aren’t sold out yes but expected in the next few days. With a start of 6am, a secret guest and a mystery location, this is a Leeds partygoer’s ecstasy.

A handful of tickets for both events are still available though – go on, treat yourself, its nearly Christmas:

Flora Tiley

(Photo credits: Dirty Disco)

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