BUCS Results Round-Up

Badminton 1sts (M) 3-5 Edinburgh 1sts

Badminton 1sts (W) 5-3 Birmingham 1sts

Badminton 2nds (W) 1-7 Birmingham 2nds

Basketball 1sts (M) 78-55 Northumbria 3rds

Basketball 1sts (W) 27-85 St. Andrews 1sts

Fencing 1sts (W) 135-65 Edinburgh 2nds

Football 1sts (M) 2-1 Edinburgh 1sts

Football 2nds (M) 3-3 Teesside 1sts

Football 2nds (W) 1-3 Cumbria 1sts

Hockey 1sts (M) 6-1 Birmingham 3rds

Hockey 2nds (M) 0-0 Durham 3rds

Hockey 2nds (W) 5-0 Sheffield 2nds

Hockey 3rds (M) 1-1 Leeds Beckett 2nds

Lacrosse 1sts (M) 5-6 St. Andrews 1sts

Lacrosse 1sts (W) 29-0 Nottingham 2nds

Lacrosse 2nds (W) 8-18 Northumbria 1sts

Netball 2nds 40-35 Sheffield Hallam 1sts

Rugby League 1sts 16-42 Northumbria 1sts

Rugby Union 1sts (W) 107-0 Glasgow Caledonian 1sts

Rugby Union 3rds (M) 29-26 Northumbria 2nds

Squash 1sts (M) 5-0 Manchester Met 1sts

Table Tennis 2nds (M) 1-16 Sheffield Hallam 1sts

Tennis 1sts (M) 0-12 Leeds Becekett 2nds

Tennis 2nds (M) 8-4 Durham 4ths

Volleyball (M) 0-3 Glasgow 1sts

Water Polo (M) 7-9 Edinburgh 1sts

Water Polo (W) 12-2 Manchester Met 1sts

The Gryphon Sports Editorial Team 

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