Editor’s pick: December book releases

Tinder Nightmares

Elan Gale

4th December

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us have had a fling with Tinder at some point during university life. Although it may not lead to unrequited love or even anything more than a flippant message or bad chat up line, it can provide a funny story or two to exchange at pre-drinks. The Instagram account ‘Tinder Nightmares’ provides a hilarious snapshot of romantic exchanges on Tinder, and the book promises to do the same with just the right amount of epic fails and emojis.

Precious Gifts

Danielle Steel

3rd December

With over 800 million copies of her novels sold worldwide, the newest addition to popular American novelist Danielle Steel’s collection isn’t one to be overlooked. With city scenes in Rome, Paris, New York and Venice, the novel follows one woman’s journey in a story of love and loss. Whether an indulgent rom-com is your guilty pleasure or your mums, as it’s penned by the current best-selling author alive, it’s worth a festive read.


Scarlet Page

1st December

If you’re trying to get that one flatmate who likes to ‘jam’ into the early hours of the morning to put down their guitar and pick up a book, this could be the perfect stocking filler. Photographer Scarlet Page presents a black and white collection of the faces of rock royalty, accompanied by her own words about what it was like spending the day with the likes of Brian May, Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney.

A Dream of Ice

Gillian Anderson

8th December

‘A star of the X-Files’ and ‘New York Selling best times author’ aren’t often used in the same sentence, so when they are you know it’s something special. Former actress Gillian Anderson and co-author Jeff Rovin bring the second book of series of the Earthend Saga, with just the right amount of references to ancient civilisation, paranormal activity and exhilarating, page-turning drama.


Emma Bowden


Image: thedressdown.com. 

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