Hyde Park Pedestrian Safety Petition Launched

A campaign fronted by Leeds University Union Community Officer, Jonny Foster, is calling for Leeds City Council to review and improve pedestrian crossings in the popular student areas of Hyde Park and Little Woodhouse.

The campaign draws specific attention to the dangerous nature of the T-Junction between Belle Vue Road and Moorland Road, and the crossroads between Moorland Road, Hyde Park Road and Royal Park Road.

Both of these crossings are along hundreds of students’ daily route to campus or city centre, and the past three years have seen 15 accidents involving pedestrians in these areas.

An online petition for the campaign has so far accrued 250 pledges which are supporting the demand for new safety measures, which include a zebra crossings and traffic lights.

Speaking to The Gryphon, Jonny Foster said: “The walk between Hyde Park and campus is particularly difficult for students, staff and local residents. Moorland Road and Royal Park Road are heavily used thoroughfares for people walking to university and further into town. These two crossings make the walk incredibly dangerous and we need to implement a safer environment for those using them”.

“When I have been talking to students, this issue has come up time and time again as one of their top concerns.  Since launching the petition the support for the campaign has been phenomenal.  Hilary Benn, the local MP for the area, has been very responsive, as have the council, in addressing our concerns.  We hope to improve pedestrian safety in the area dramatically with their help over the next few months”.

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Antonella Stonehouse

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