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Shmlss Special Edition Vol. 3

Shmlss’ last release will be familiar to anyone who saw Gerd Janson last year, with their ‘Disco Sensation’ record popping up in a number of his sets. A-side ‘This Night’ is a throbbing, half-disco, half-industrial acid track from space. A unique edit which would find itself at home sandwiched in between the disco and techno that the Running Back boss mixes so well. B-side ‘Call Me’ builds from a driving bass line, shuttering and fluttering around before the breakdown brings the seductive vocals in.

Admin – Super Lover EP (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)

Perhaps not as impressive as previous releases but this Super Lover EP is no doubt another gem in Sleazy Beats Black Ops’ almost flawless collection of releases. The record’s 3 tracks may have been released 3 months too late to really appreciate their summer feel but that doesn’t mean they won’t get rinsed before you can hear them in all their sunshine glory next year.

Boots For Dancing – The Undisco Kidds (Athens Of The North)

For clubbers, Athens Of The North releases have been sprinkled around a number of Motor City Drum Ensemble’s mixes of late with their fine array of 7” disco rarities making available records that were previously stumbled upon luckily in a record store or bought for a week’s wages on discogs. This latest release is different, releasing the jangly, post-punk sound of Scotland’s Boots For Dancing who’s artistic career shone brightly, but briefly in the early 1980s. Guitar music with an abundance of energy and both soul and groove, would make a fine alternative to the usual indie disco fodder.

Junktion – Running from Whatever (Rose Records)

Repress of Junktion’s August release on Rose Records, rounding off an extremely impressive year for the Dutch producer, mastering punchy, dancefloor-ready disco and deep house, carving out for himself a distinct and recognisable sound.

Various Artists – Volume 1 (Rutilance Recordings)

8 tracks in this fantastic compilation from the crew behind Paris’ Rutilance Recordings. Label boss, Dj Steaw’s final two tracks demonstrate the best in that deep French house sound and are the two standout tunes from the release.

Oliver Walkden

(Photo Credits: Sleazy Beats)

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