UML Gig Picks of the Week

Follakzoid and Big Brave – Monday 30th November – Headrow House – £8 – 8pm

Follakzoid are a Chilean band, specialising in cosmic music. Their latest EP, “lll”, creates a sharp, upbeat electronic atmosphere with synths, sonic glitches and a driving beat. They will be playing alongside the heavier sounds of Montreal’s Big Brave on the light of their latest album “Au de La.” With just two guitars and drums, they create slow, churning downbeat sounds, which are filled with reverb, feedback and drones.


Willis Earl Beal – Tuesday 1st December – Headrow House – £8 – 8:00pm

Chicago-born soul artist Willis Earl Beal comes to Leeds in light of the August release of his album, Noctunes. An ethereal bedroom recording of smooth, soulful, baritone vocals over light melodies will transfer onto a truly beautiful live set in one of Leeds’ new music venues.


Forever Cult – Saturday 5th December – Brudenell Social Club – £5 – 7:30pm

Forever Cult is a Leeds-based band, playing at Hyde Park’s Brudenell Social Club to celebrate the release of their latest single, “Tunnel Vision”. With punchy, fast-paced grunge melodies over gravelly, snarling vocals, Forever Cult is essentially Britain’s answer to FIDLAR. They will be joined by the alt-pop band Climbing Alice and Fizzy Blood who will be providing lots of Rock & Roll.


Human Cull/Krupskaya/Ape Unit and more… – Saturday 5th December – Chunk – £4 – 7:00pm

On Saturday, Chunk are throwing together a party of many great bands and DJs, including Human Cull, Krupskaya, Ape Unit, Horsebastard, Lugubrious Children, Groak, Ona Snop and Soft Lads. An eclectic mix of heavy grindcore, the slower, sludgy sounds of Groak and 90’s RnB jams from Soft Lads will theme the night.


Victoria Clarkson

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