Fashion’s Christmas Campaigns

With everyone’s attention on the much anticipated John Lewis and Sainsbury’s adverts, and social media’s undeniable impact on their circulation and popularity, it’s clear to see how integral Christmas adverts are annually. The fashion world seems to have taken heed and followed suit with recent releases from the likes of Harvey Nichols and TK Maxx. From comedic to celeb filled, brands have pulled out all the stops to compete with the supermarkets, persuade sales and for us to enjoy as a ritual in between our favourite shows.  Here’s a roundup of some of fashion’s best Christmas campaigns for this year.


Boohoo’s advert remains typically Christmassy, focussing on their festive clothing collection, and showcasing the prices. The backing song is ‘We are Family’ which reflects their ‘we are’ slogan over the period. The outfits are glittery, affordable, and perfect for Christmas parties.


H&M’s advert focuses on their slogan of ‘Happy & Merry’, using Katy Perry as their front-woman and singer of the theme tune. There are creepy gingerbread men and Christmas trees surrounding her dancing in unison to the pop song. The advert is cheesy and fun, using all the stereotypes of Christmas, but not showcasing many of their own clothes.


In this campaign, Mulberry’s famous handbag takes the place of Jesus in the Christmas nativity scene. The couple have numerous visits from characters coming to see the bag ‘bearing gifts’, and the brand are quite humorous in their depiction of the scene.


Burberry’s campaign recreates the opening scene of Billy Elliot, to celebrate its 15th year anniversary. It features a star-studded cast, wearing their own signature luxury products. The advert has perhaps the most celebrities out of all of the campaigns, including the likes of Romeo Beckham, James Bay, Naomi Campbell and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

T. K. Maxx,

T. K. Maxx’s advert is another one which focuses on the Christmas period, rather than their own products. It shows the Christmas festivities, and emphasises how people should be thoughtful of their neighbours. It shows their characters buying presents for their ‘nearest’, not necessarily their ‘dearest’.

Harvey Nichols

Titled ‘Avoid #GiftFace’, Harvey Nichols’ advert revolves around the awkward happy face made when pretending to like a present; something we can all relate to during the Christmas period. They show a character receiving numerous ‘awful’ presents, and her fake smiling resulting in an unfortunate aching face. Their motto ‘avoid ‘gift face’, ‘give Harvey Nichols’, is highlighted following a  showcase of many of their own products at the end. A comedic yet incredibly recognisable take for a large inclusive audience from the luxury store.


Marks & Spencer’s advert is named ‘#TheArtOfChristmas’, and runs through the events of Christmas day. It starts with the ‘art of an entrance’, featuring it’s Christmas occasion wear for parties. It then runs through the preparations the night before, the present giving, and Christmas dinner; endorsing their own products from party-wear, kids-wear and menswear throughout. Glam, fierce and bold M&S aim to be centre stage this holiday.

House of Fraser

The department store spared no effort in their campaign this year. Creating huge success from just the song featured; Grace ft G Eazy You don’t own me, House of Fraser’s advert is sure to leave a lasting impression. From a range of themes depicted like ‘the marshmallow story’ where pastel furs dominate, to ballgowns fit for Christmas parties, to leather jackets for an edgy alternative, the variety truly shows there are ‘no rules’.

The adverts all reflect the Christmas festivities in unique, humorous and even cheesy ways. Effective in emphasising the brand and endorsing their products over the Christmas period ever so important for retailers, fashion brands have taken their stand on the Christmas campaign platform.

Which advert is your favourite?

Harley Wild

All videos sourced from their own websites.

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