Campus Watch: 04/12/15

Woman dies During Terror Drill
A woman at Strathmore University in Kenya has died after jumping from a third-storey window during a terrorism drill. The drill, which included people pretending to be terrorists, was believed to be a real attack by a number of students. The university is now facing criticism from across Kenya for failing to inform students that the drill would be occurring.

Jack Rhodes-Worden

Students walk out of Katie Hopkins talk

A group of students at Brunel university staged a mass walk out when controversial personality Katie Hopkins took part in a debate on “Does the welfare state have a place in modern society?” She insisted the protest was staged by university professor Peter Beresford, who tweeted his appreciation of the students’ actions.

Nao Takahashi

Gun attack threat at the University of Chicago

The Hyde Park campus of The University of Chicago was closed following a threat made by Jabari Dean via social media that he would launch a gun attack within the campus quad. Classes were cancelled and all members within the University were advised to stay off campus. Dean has been arrested and will appear in court. Class are to resume as normal next week.

Zoe Bancroft

Racist group call for all-white union 

The University of Queensland has condemned a “racist” Facebook page attempting to garner support for a “white student union” on campus. The page was created last week, aiming to be a “safe place” for “students of European descent”. The university has released a statement distancing itself from the page, following a post ranting about the number of international students enrolled at the institution.

James Hicks


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