Christmas TV: Adverts of the advent

It’s officially that time of year when our screens are inundated with an abundance of Christmas adverts. Aware of our nation’s criteria for the ultimate Christmas commercial (reflective soundtrack, idyllic family living room scene, shots of indulgent festive delicacies – you know the score), here’s my humble opinion on this year’s collection.

John Lewis

This year’s offering features little Lily who spends her time gazing longingly through a telescope, trying to access a lonely ‘Man on the Moon’. With the arrival of Christmas, she sends up a bunch of balloons to space, attaching a gift for her faraway friend. Unwrapping the telescope that she enclosed, the radiance of the old soul’s smile is successfully heart-warming for this time of year. However, whilst it’s all very lovely that he can now watch the Christmas celebrations on earth, there seems to be one slight flaw: the lonely ‘Man on the Moon’ is still alone… Maybe I’m just missing the tagline’s message: to “Show someone they’re loved this Christmas” – which I guess is rather nice actually.


With the vibe being more ‘children’s programme’ than Christmas, this one took me back to the kids TV of my childhood. We see animated Mog the Cat triggering an unfortunate chain of events that threatens to ruin the Thomas family’s Christmas, destroying their beautifully decorated home in the process. However in true festive spirit the neighbourhood pull together to bring Christmas to the Thomas’ – along with tangerines, turkey and a tree (all purchased from Sainsbury’s I should hope).

Whilst it didn’t scream Christmas, I’ll grant Sainsbury’s a little grace as the story has been published as an illustrated book to raise money for Save the Children – charity brownie points right there.

Marks and Spencer’s

Seemingly filmed in a random warehouse filled with fake-looking presents, children jumping on beds, a ridiculously giant sofa and too many flashing lights, I’m struggling for praise here. The climactic ending showing a lone drummer walking out of the shot says it all really. Oh and the soundtrack is ‘Uptown Funk’ because…. why not?

Coca Cola

Winner of my gold star for the ‘The Best Christmas Advert of 2015’

These guys know that you don’t need a cheesy storyline to get people in the Christmas spirit. 30 seconds of snowy landscapes, plenty of fairy lights, adorable little faces in eager anticipation of Christmas, an appearance of the famous big red truck, a festive jingly soundtrack – what’s not to love? Indeed, #theholidaysarecoming and you’ve earnt my vote Coca Cola.


Grace Ellerby


Image: The Metro. 

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