Protests against Syria airstrikes takes place in Leeds

A demonstration took place on Saturday as an act of protest against Labour politician Hilary Benn’s support for extending airstrikes to Syria.

The question as to whether Britain should bomb Syria was raised after the recent Paris attacks orchestrated by IS and ongoing threats made to Britain and surrounding countries. The House of Commons last Wednesday voted for extending airstrikes to Syria.

The protest, which took place in Millenium Square on Saturday, received an overwhelming response that amassed to widespread media coverage.

Many held signs such as ‘NOT IN OUR NAMES’ and ‘THEIR KIDS BLEED TOO’, showing first-hand the outrage which Benn’s support has caused as the voice for South Leeds.

It has also been reported that 50 protestors greeted him at his surgery on Saturday morning. Many were chanting and some holding signs challenging Cameron’s use of government money for the use of a war that they do not support, rather than dealing with prominent issues inside the UK such as homelessness and poverty.

Facebook users took to the page in which the demonstration was organised to congratulate each other on a successful protest, sharing pictures of their vast signs and those singing and chanting peace songs.

The protest does not mark the end of what the protesters are calling a ‘revolt’. Another protest is planned for the 12th of December in a second plea to Benn to stand with Jeremy Corbyn in his protest against Cameron for the attacks on Syria.


Zoe Bancroft

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