Weekly Chart – Flora’s Festive Picks

Aphex Twin – XMas_Evet1 N

A very different take on a Christmas tune, the admirable Aphex Twin released this track on his flawless album Syro last year. Layer upon layer of sounds and rhythms compile with a groaning bassline, echoing that of overfed Christmas revellers. This particular mix is slightly lighter with a continuous drum riff and unmistakable bell chiming to add to that festive feel.

The XX – Last Christmas (Lennard Charles Edit)

The iconic voices from the XX take on a cover of the seasonal classic. What starts out as something cringeworthy morphs into a cracking, gentle electronic track, and veers away from the well-known Wham! Lyrics.

Nathan Fake – XMas Rush

True to Fake’s infamous style that heralds him as one of the finest names on the electronica scene, this 2010 release dabbles with pounding acidic techno beats and gentle female vocal sample. This track rattles along nicely, dabbling with different rhythms and beats to then gently peter out with a rumbling crash – an ideal representation of the Christmas chaos.

Milieu – Treetopping Beats

Its not unheard of to have some hiphop amidst the holly – take the legendary RUN-DMC Christmas In Hollis – but this instrumental oozes cool. Clearly taking a strong influence from the synthesizers in Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmastime’, this will leave you less Scrooge and more smooth.

Chevron – Rudi The Techno Pioneer

Even in normal terms this song is outrageous: a relentless basscore track with dirty bassline, combined with jingle bells and roars about a ‘Merry Christmas’. Don’t play this to your Grandma.

Flora Tiley
(Photo credits: TimeOut)

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